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Uniquely Qualified Instructors Providing Best in Class
Education & Training

At UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies, we take pride in our instructors and believe they are the heart of the Extended Studie sexperience. Our instructors are carefully selected, and bring the most up-to-date subject matter expertise as well as a passion for sharing their knowledge in the classroom context.


Instructors with a Master's
Degree or Higher


Instructors with more than 5 Years
Experience Teaching for Extension


Number of Active Instructors
at UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies (2016)

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are well-regarded in their professional fields and bring real-world experience into the classroom.

Teach For Us

Interested in sharing your expertise with others? UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies is always seeking instructors with strong communication skills and extensive professional experience in their field.

Teaching at Extension

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InstructorLink is your online portal to manage the administration of your current sections and future availability to teach.

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Canvas is UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies' means of supporting technology-enhanced learning for all instructional formats.