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An Induction program provides ongoing support to guide Induction Mentors and Partners in the roles and responsibilities of working with newly credentialed teachers during the Induction program. The role of Mentor and Partner is one of mentor and guide. The success of the relationship between the candidate and mentor is built upon trust, confidentiality and a commitment to the goals of the program. This relationship is the key to a successful beginning and the fostering of new professional relationships that will last throughout their career. This workshop is intended for Induction Mentors and Partners working with Year 2 candidates in the UCSD Induction program.

Note: This workshop will not appear on a transcript and is intended to serve as a resource to any Induction Mentor or Induction Partner that would like to participate. Participants must be approved as a Site-Based Induction Mentor or a Site-Based Induction Partner to enroll in this workshop.

Course Number: WKSP-70037
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)