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This course reviews the effective use and practical applications of technology to enhance and support teaching and learning. Using a hands-on approach, participants will learn & demonstrate competence in integrating technology in their curriculum and instructional design. Some of the topics in this course include curriculum writing, data analysis and manipulation, applications of electronic media, peer collaboration, the effective use of existing technology resources and student assessment.

This course is part of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing California Induction Clear Credential progam and fulfills the Level II computer education requirement for California Prepared Level I Education Specialists. See page 2 of Education Specialist Level I Credential Holders: How to Earn a Clear California Credential from the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing for more information.

Note: Course attendance is asynchronous, however assignments MUST be completed by specific deadlines throughout the course to earn a passing grade. Log into the course in Canvas on the start date and refer to the syllabus for detailed information regarding individual due dates.

Course Number: EDUC-30151
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)