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The Culminating Induction Individualized Learning Plan Portfolio serves for candidates to submit verification of their learning, observations, field experiences, and Individualized Learning Plan forms from courses and California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) in the Induction program. Candidates will collaborate with instructors from each course on an individual basis to determine the appropriate assignments based upon academic and professional interests to establish materials to include in the Portfolio. Although assignments will differ for candidates, everyone must submit a complete Portfolio that documents their learning, observations, field experiences, and competencies, including organized reflections and evidence of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Note: Participants must be admitted to the Induction program prior to enrolling in this course. This is a required course for all Induction candidates (Track 1 & Track 2 candidates). The prerequisite for this course is admission to the Induction Track 1 or Track 2 option, EDUC 30787, EDUC 30794 or EDUC 31695, EDUC 30788, EDUC 30789, EDUC 30790, EDUC 30791, and EDUC 30792.

Course Number: EDUC-30793
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)