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This culminating course is to provide Induction Mentors with the opportunity to provide purposeful feedback. This course will review the mentor experience throughout the Induction program. Topics will also include best practices in adult learning; support for individual mentoring challenges, reflection on mentoring practice, and opportunities to engage with mentoring peers in professional learning networks; program processes; and recommendations from mentors for improvement to the mentor experience during the Induction program.

Note: Site-Based Mentors must be approved in the Induction program before enrolling. Mentors enroll into the respective Mentor course section with the same instructor and start and end dates as their Induction Candidate’s course. The corresponding Induction Candidate course is Culminating Induction ILP Portfolio. Please review the Induction Candidate and Mentor Course Alignment for the full list of courses. 

Duration: 4 Weeks
Cost: $0

Course Number: EDUC-31693
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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