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All K-12 teachers need to be aware of how the reading process relates to their classroom or subject areas. Topics include the process of learning a language, reading for the bilingual/bicultural pupil, a historical perspective on reading, reading readiness, models of reading instruction, reading as decoding, reading as comprehension, phonics, reading and learning disabilities, study skills, and modality and cognitive style as related to the teaching/learning process.

This course is part of the following California Commission on Teacher Credentialing program(s): California Clear Credential

Note: This course fulfills the state Developing English Language Skills, including Reading requirement for obtaining a clear teaching credential. Students must enroll prior to the first day of class. If you're enrolling in this course in order to fulfill a credential requirement you must save a copy of the syllabus for yourself as it will be required for credentialing purposes.

Course Number: EDUC-30145
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)

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