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Degree Completion Resources

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UC San Diego Skillscape Workforce Dashboard

To better understand and support the millions of Californians who have started, but not completed an undergraduate degree, the California State Legislature awarded a one-time general fund of $15 million to University of California Extension Centers to develop additional course-taking opportunities to assist students in completing a degree or professional certificate. As part of this fund, the Center for Research and Evaluation at UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies was awarded $200,000 to conduct state-wide market research on workforce demand and the needs of Californians who have started, but not yet finished degree programs. The Center for Research and Evaluation’s plan involves two components: 1) A statewide workforce demand dashboard, and 2) A statewide survey of Californians educational needs related to degree completion.

The UC San Diego Skillscape Workforce Dashboard, developed in partnership with Emsi Economic Modeling, is available for download by University of California faculty and staff here: It can be used to better understand workforce supply, demand, and gaps in your region, and inform the development of new programming and validation of existing programs. Please download and review the User Guide and Technical Guide before navigating the dashboard. 

Questions about dashboard access and functionality can be directed to: