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UC San Diego Extension’s Environment & Sustainability programs meet the growing demand for skilled professionals who can address the challenges of sustainable development. Our programs provide cutting-edge training in areas of sustainability, environmental management, urban planning, facilities management, behavior change, sustainability science, and energy and waste management.

Programs and Certificates
Added Authorizations
Additive Manufacturing
ADMET Process
Advanced Studies in TEFL
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling
Android Programming for High Schoolers
Applied Bioinformatics
Art and the Creative Process
AutoCAD for High Schoolers
Biotechnology Project Management
Business Analysis Tools and Strategies
Business Intelligence Analysis
Business Management
Business Management for High Schoolers
C# Programming
C/C++ Programming
California Clear (Induction) Program
Career Advising
Case Management
CEQA Practice
Children’s Book Illustration
Children’s Book Writing
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Training
Clinical Trials Administration
Clinical Trials Design and Management
College Counseling
Communication Design
Communications Software Development for...
Content Marketing
Creative Writing
Data Mining for Advanced Analytics
Database Management
Digital Marketing
Digital Signal Processing
Drug Discovery and Development
E-Discovery and Litigation Technology
Embedded Systems Engineering
Engineering Exam Preparation
English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
English Learner Added Authorization (CLAD...
Essentials of Leadership and Management (ELM)
Executive Perspective for Scientists...
Facilities Management
Fire Protection Engineering
Front End Development
Front End Web Development for High Schoolers
Functional Safety Engineering for Automotive
Functional Safety Fundamentals for Automotive
Fundraising and Development
Geographic Information Systems
Gifted and Talented Education
Graphic and Web Design
Healthcare Financial Analysis
Healthcare Revenue Cycle
HR Masterclass Series
Human Resource Management
HVAC Systems Design and Control
Industrial Biotechnology Workshops
Institutional Research
Integrative Nutrition
Intellectual Property
iOS Programming
iOS Programming for High Schoolers
Java Programming
Lactation Consultant: Pathway 1
Lactation Consultant: Pathway 2
Lactation Education Refresher
Leadership and Management Essentials
Leadership and Management Program (LAMP)
Leadership and Teamwork
Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt
Life Sciences Research Program for High Schoolers
Life Sciences Workshops
Machine Learning Methods
Mechanical Analysis and Design
Medical Coding
Medical Writing
Money Essentials Series
Paralegal Studies (ABA Approved)
Photography: Images and Techniques
Play Therapy
Power Systems Engineering
Professional Development Institute
Professional Safety and Health Officer
Project Management
Python Programming
Quality Assurance and Control
R for Data Analytics
Reading Instruction
Regulatory Affairs Essentials
Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices
RF Engineering
Safety and Health Specialist
SAS Programming
Science Communication
Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence
Small Business Management
Software Engineering Management
Software Quality Assurance
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
Spanish Immersion Program
Spanish Language
Supply Management
Sustainability & Behavior Change
Sustainable Business Practices
Systems Engineering
Teaching Adult Learners
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL...
Teaching English Grammar (TEG)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Teaching English to the Young Learner (TEYL)
Teaching Online
Technical Communication
Translation (Spanish/English)
Translation and Interpretation (Spanish/English)
Translational Science
User Experience (UX) Design
Video & Editing Program
Wireless Engineering

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