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Following from EDUC 30787 Introduction to Induction, EDUC 31707 Induction Individualized Learning Plan, Track 1; and EDUC 31703 Induction Inquiry I; this class provides candidates with manifold opportunities to work collaboratively with assigned mentors and instructors in the ongoing development, delivery and assessment of objectives embedded within the candidate’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Candidates will focus on the ILP goals aligned to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) to support outcomes to practice and refine teaching practices. Candidates will reflect on their Induction Year 1 goals and progress. Candidates will initially review and plan for Induction Year 2 goals and ILP adjustments.


Duration: 3 Weeks

Cost: $600

The corresponding Induction Mentor course is: Mentor Mentor Year 1 Reflection. Induction Mentors are required to enroll into this corresponding mentor course with the same dates as their Induction Candidate. Candidate/Mentor Course Structure

Course Number: EDUC-31704
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)