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Add to your travel memories by adding creative and colorful illustrations to your journal. In this condensed-format course, students learn to train the eye and hand to record--quickly and with flair--the world enjoyed by the traveler. Sketching techniques practiced with various media help capture the character, movement and texture of the subject, in the light of the moment. Landscapes, everyday scenes, people, animals and details of life chosen by a selective eye will take form in the sketchbook to be enjoyed as a reminder of travels for years to come.

Note: Please bring to first class quality sketchbook (11"x14" maximum or smaller), B and 4B pencils, soft charcoal pencil, fine marker, pen and ink, plastic and kneaded erasers and water soluble colored pencils.

Course Number: ART-40155
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Art and the Creative Process