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This course provides an overview of translation and interpretation (T&I) in educational settings. Students will learn about the role of the interpreter/translator, ethical considerations, and the laws governing T&I in education. Education-specific vocabulary and acronyms will be presented, explained, and reviewed in class. Students will also participate in hands-on practice with specialized, education-related materials to build skills in translation, sight translation, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting.


Note: Course Prerequisites:
Successful completion of: Entrance Exam, “Introduction to Translation,” “Introduction to Interpretation,” “English to Spanish Translation I,” “Spanish to English Translation I,” “Simultaneous Interpretation,” and “Consecutive Interpretation.” Elective for the Professional Certificate in Translation and Interpretation.

Course Number: LING-40132
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Translation and Interpretation (Spanish/English)