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The course provides an introductory overview of Blockchain, the technologies behind Blockchain architecture and distributed applications (Dapps) and how they are applicable to the Healthcare sector. The course will ensure students have an understanding of the fundamentals of the Blockchain protocol including cryptographic hashes, decentralized ledger technology, data governance, consensus mechanisms, role of cryptocurrencies, and other related technologies.  Created in partnership with Lipscomb University and includes views from several thought leaders from academia and from across the blockchain industry.  

Explore common blockchain platforms, components, technologies and the potential application in the future of healthcare.  Course examines how blockchain technology is currently being considered as a solution to many problems in healthcare and will introduce the “Fit-for-Purpose” framework exploring how immutable distributed ledgers can better ensure the resilience and provenance, traceability and management of healthcare data. Learners will understand how blockchain is helping health systems manage pharma and medical device supply chain, patient recruitment for clinical trials, security and interoperability of IoTand medical device data.

Course Number: GLBH-40015
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)