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The Introduction to Digital Health course explores the fundamental concepts and components that make
up the Digital Health ecosystem.  Examine this multidisciplinary field and the roles of healthcare providers, behavioral psychologists, data scientists, technologists, social scientists and public health professionals.  The course introduces emerging innovations in data science, mHealth, IoMT, AI, deep learning, genomic medicine,  behavioral medicine, blockchain and regulatory aspects related to the acceleration of Digital Health.

Students will gain a basic understanding of structured data, privacy, information standards, and security.  Content also examines Digital Health components, product areas, behavioral science, UX design, applications in clinical and non‐clinical settings, software applications, mobile health applications and basic architectures within the Digital Health ecosystem.   Examine ongoing COVID-19 research by the UCSD Extension Department of Healthcare Research and Policy and explore how integrating Digital Health technologies can offer some innovative and sustainable solutions during this pandemic and in future public health emergencies. 

The course is taught by academic and industry practitioners who proivide insights from real-world case studies, new research and digital health transformations.  Students will gain entrepreneurial and frontier technology knowledge and examine Digital Health market trends, assumptions and new business models.

Course Number: GLBH-40020
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)