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Grammar Lab (WCWP-40234)
10 Weeks | Online

This ten-week online Grammar Lab course is skillfully designed to meet the needs of all students. It is beneficial for those with little grammar experience and advantageous for those with a strong grammar background seeking expert status. Whether you are looking to gain a solid foundation in grammar or hoping to refresh your knowledge with today’s most recent rules of grammar and English usage, this course will provide you with the opportunity to discover and focus more on those areas that you specifically need to review, and less on those that you have already mastered. In this class, there are weekly lessons consisting of reading assignments that accompany PowerPoint lectures with audio recordings by the instructor. Each lesson is followed by “Check your Knowledge” exercises to help you determine which topics you need to improve on to become more proficient. Small class sizes foster a community where you will be able to interact with both your classmates and instructor through weekly Discussion topics. There are several quizzes throughout the course where immediate feedback is given and there is a final exam in the last week.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Identify all parts of speech.
  • Identify independent clauses and dependent/subordinate clauses: adverb, adjective and noun clauses.
  • Identify prepositional, appositive, participial, gerund, and infinitive phrases.
  • Identify verb tenses, forms, mood, and voice.
  • Identify and correct errors in grammar and usage relating to word forms, word choice, verb tense, verb form, agreement, pronoun case, sentence structure, modifiers, and parallelism.
  • Identify and correct errors in punctuation and mechanics.

This is the first course in the Copyediting Certificate Program. Grammar Lab, Copyediting I, II, and III are offered every quarter and must be taken in order. Please check the Enrollment Available Online date on the Extension Calendar to find out the next date that classes will publish to the web.

Quarters Offered: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall | Online
Requirements: Native-like fluency of English. Microsoft Word 2016/Office 365 (PC or Mac) or higher required.
Next class: To continue progress in the Copyediting Certificate, the next class is Copyediting I.

Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Note: Fulfills 3 units toward requirements for the Copyediting Certificate. Non-certificate students may take this class. This online course is not self-paced. There are assignments and readings with weekly due dates. Please purchase textbooks before class begins.


Course Number: WCWP-40234
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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