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Drug Discovery and Development

Professional Certificate

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About the Drug Discovery and Development Program


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  • Courses: 5 required, 2-3 electives
  • Units: 19


Overview of the Drug Development ProcessBIOL-40015

Units: 3.00


Guiding a new product through the stages of research, development, clinical trials and submission of an IND and New Product Marketing Application requires the input of nearly every area within a pharm...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Preclinical Drug Discovery & DevelopmentBIOL-40125

Units: 3.00


Gain a comprehensive understanding of preclinical drug discovery and development. Through the use of lectures, case studies and discussion, this course will cover the framework of the various stages ...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Winter, Summer

Introductory PharmacologyBIOL-40329

Units: 3.00


Learn the fundamental principles of pharmacology. This course will emphasize the major classes of clinically important drugs currently used in medical practice. Within each anatomic system, emphasis i...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Target Identification, Validation, and Screening in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentBIOL-40331

Units: 2.00


Advances in biology, chemistry, biophysics and engineering have resulted in a vast number of potential disease-relevant drug targets and an increased efficiency in screening compounds for drug-like ac...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Overview of ADME and ToxicologyBIOL-40330

Units: 3.00


The landscape of pharmaceutical development is constantly being reshaped by regulatory policy and pressure to develop new therapies that are economically better than existing therapies. In this envi...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Winter, Summer


A total of 5 units required.

Medicinal Chemistry of Leading DrugsBIOL-40161

Units: 1.00


This course will provide an introduction to the drug discovery process using case histories in various therapeutic areas. Following an analysis of the leading prescription drugs and their physicochemi...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Spring


Units: 3.00


BiomarkersCourse Overview As an emerging topic of discussion within clinical diagnosis and drug discovery, biomarker research and developments are set to expand the scope of relevant clinical endpoint...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall

Analytical ChemistryCHEM-40004

Units: 4.00


Get an Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Get an introduction to analytical chemistry and its applications in clinical settings. Students will learn basic principles of analytical chemistry and ...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


Units: 3.00


Bioinformatics is the glue that allows us to manipulate, utilize and learn from vast amounts of biological data. Bioinformatics tools and databases enable a range of scientific, technological, and bio...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Conditions for Admission

Complete the application and pay application fee.UC San Diego Extension programs are designed to best serve college-prepared working professionals. Although programs are open to all adult learners, where program capacity is limited, applicants with this profile will receive preference for admission.

Certificate Guidelines

This certificate is intended for individuals with educational backgrounds in chemical and biological sciences at the bachelor, masters, or Ph.D. level interested in entering or becoming more effective at working in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.

Advisory Board

Haig Bozigian, Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer


Dan DiSepio, Ph.D.

Director, Head of Screening and SAR Compound Profiling

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Thomas Knapp

Group Leader

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Ajay Madan, Ph.D., DABT

Sr. Director, Development

Neurocrine Biosciences

Daniel Maneval, Ph.D.

VP Pharmacology and Safety Assessment

Halozyme Therapeudics, Inc. • Wolfgang Notz | Associate Scie

Moorthy Palanki, Ph.D.

Medicinal Chemsitry Consultant

TRACON Pharmaceuticals

Donocio Siegel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical S

UC San Diego

Curtis Tyree, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President Operations

HUYA Bioscience International

Warren Wade, Ph.D.

Director, Medicinal Chemistry

BioBlocks Inc.

Jim Zapf

Chief Science Officer

Visionary Pharmaceuticals

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This certificate requires an application before taking any courses. There will be a $0 fee to apply to this program. Students will also be required to pay a $95 certificate fee upon enrollment into the program after acceptance. View the complete Certificate Registration and Candidacy Guidelines.