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This course is designed for those interested in healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship and understanding the current market forces driving the adoption of Digital Health solutions.  Examine Digital Health commercialization strategies, Go-To-Market planning, the major trends and innovations driving the development of new products in venture-capital-backed startup companies.  Course co-taught by three interdisciplinary instructors from industry who guide you through the current business landscape, how to identify customers, key stakeholders, and examine market opportunities for different clinical needs. 

Course content will help students identify policy implications, and new commercial capabilities required within their organization.  Develop a better understanding based on the lessons learned by Digital Health and medical device companies in bringing their products to market.  Identify challenges in developing products that will be adopted by health and social care systems.  Ideal for investors and professionals with an interest in healthcare technology, digital disruption, entrepreneurship, public health, engineering and regulatory affairs.  

Course Number: GLBH-40024
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)