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This course allows students to develop a critical perspective on some key areas of contemporary Digital Health use. A series of case studies in digital health will be highlighted that link to the discussion of the Digital Health ecosystem in the Introduction course.  Through an in‐depth assessment of case studies, students are encouraged to apply various theoretical perspectives to the 'real world' so as to understand the potential and limitations of Digital Health solutions and systems.

Learn with influential founders and healthtech CEO's and explore founding stories, market strategies, and company goals.  Each week an innovative information-packed company case will be presented by successful entrepreneurs in the Digital Health and the healthtech startup communities.  Explore diverse topics such as connected health, digital health interventions for diabetes, healthcare data interoperability, and SaaS platforms.  Learners will identify and reflect on successful uses of digital health technology, innovation and examine different technological approaches to solving complex healthcare challenges.

Course Number: GLBH-40022
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)