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Effective talent acquisition strategies take a multi-year view of the workforce necessary to execute an organization’s business strategy today and well into the future. This includes recruiting with agility for skills that may not be necessary today, but may become critical to future organizational success. Through this course, students will learn how to: effectively source positions that drive business outcomes; analyze retention and attrition data to understand critical position drivers; and, ultimately, how to engage with stakeholders to optimally execute the recruiting plan. Students will also explore how enlightened HR professionals create talent pipelines that leverage their employment brands and enhance business outcomes as organizations adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Topics include aligning the HR function with business strategy, developing a talent profile, deploying talent acquisition techniques and tools, and identifying and measuring sourcing success.

Other Credits: This course is approved for 27 hours of continuing education credit.

Note: Prerequisite: Managing HR: An Overview. This course is an approved substitute for Strategic Staffing (BUSA-40471) in order to meet the requirements of the legacy HR Management Certificate.

This course can be taken on a stand-alone basis, or counted towards our Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management.

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Course Number: BUSA-40874
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Business ManagementHuman Resource Management

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