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Spend a week in Ensenada, Mexico learning Spanish and increasing your cultural competency at the Center of Languages, a well-established language school in Ensenada. This program is ideal for all language learners who would like to increase their effectiveness in communicating with Spanish-speaking patients and their families. Students who have completed the weeklong program are eligible to receive UCSD Extension credit on a pass/no pass basis and 30 CEUs of nurse relicensure credit as long as they have attended 100% of classroom instruction. Students wanting 30 CEUs of nurse relicensure credit must submit their application to UCSD Extension before the weeklong program starts in Mexico Upon arrival at the Center of Languages, each student’s language level is evaluated and students are placed in the appropriate class level. Instructors combine a variety of language training techniques in the classroom, such as structure drills, intensive dialogue practice and role-playing. With classes limited to six students, the environment is highly interactive and students receive concentrated support according to their own learning preferences. Students learn specific grammatical topics and skills, strengthen their conversational skills, and participate in afternoon lectures that examine various aspects of the Mexican medical system and present medical terminology. During the annual program in the Fall, students gain a first-hand view of the healthcare system in Mexico with visits to local hospitals and clinics and meetings with local nurses. In addition to classroom hours, students have the opportunity to live with a Mexican host family and join school-sponsored activities. For more information, visit

Course Number: LASP-40145
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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