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This course is appropriate for intermediate-level Spanish learners in the medical health profession who wish to increase their effectiveness in communicating with Spanish speaking clients. Topics include, but are not limited to: as a patient in the hospital, diagnostic evaluations, venereal diseases, dealing with high blood pressure, consulting a doctor about common ailments, and discussing drugs and drug addiction. The instructor will help the student acquire the specific vocabulary to communicate with the patient in the pertaining specialty. The student will be able to ask questions to establish diagnosis and treatment. Cultural Competence will be taken into consideration for a better understanding of each situation. The instructor will dedicate time and effort to achieve a more individualized course. 

The students will be introduced to grammar topics such as: verbs conocer, saber, uses of se, uses of ¿qué and cuál, the past participle, the present perfect tense, the past perfect tense, the future tense, and more. This course is of interest to a wide range of health professionals such as nurses, physicians, psychologists, counselors, and administrative staff. Textbook chapters 13-18 are covered.

Note: recommended prerequisite: "Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II", or "Spanish for Communication I" and "Spanish for Communication II," or the equivalent.

Requirement in the Specialized Certificate in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals. Elective in the Professional Certificate in Spanish Language.

This class is offered during fall and spring quarters.

Course Number: LASP-40152
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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