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This course is appropriate for advanced beginner-level Spanish learners in the medical health profession who wish to increase their effectiveness in communicating with Spanish speaking clients. Topics include anatomy, common diseases, protocol for obtaining a medical history, and patient cultural belief systems as related to illness and health. The student will be introduced to grammar concepts such as: direct and indirect object pronouns, stem-changing verbs, affirmative and negative expressions, uses of por and para, command forms, and more. This course is of interest to a wide range of health professionals such as nurses, physicians, psychologists, counselors, and administrative staff.  Textbook chapters 6-12 are covered.

Note: recommended prerequisite: "Spanish for Healthcare Professionals I", or "Spanish for Communication I" and "Spanish for Communication II," or the equivalent. Students should have previous knowledge of the verbs ser and estar, regular verbs ending in -ar, -er, -ir, and concepts of gender and number.

Requirement in the Specialized Certificate in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals. Elective in the Professional Certificate in Spanish Language.

This class is offered during winter and summer quarters.


Course Number: LASP-40011
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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