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• Designed for intro intermediate level Spanish speakers, instruction focuses on developing greater fluency. Utilizing the communicative approach, you will refine your ability to describe, compare, react and recommend through more advanced interactive practice and review of key grammatical points and vocabulary. By structuring lessons around these functional areas and the culture and history of Spain, you learn to communicate in Spanish in real-world scenarios. Chapter 1 of Punto y Aparte Spanish in Review Moving toward Fluency (Sixth Edition) is covered.


Recommended prerequisite: Spanish for Communication VII, or the equivalent. The Intro-Intermediate level Spanish courses may be taken in any orderSpanish Fluency (Intro-Intermediate): Spain or  Spanish Fluency (Inro-Intermediate): El Caribe.  Elective in the Professional Certificate in Spanish Language.

Course Number: LASP-40058
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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