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Explore the rich and wide-ranging worlds of contemporary Latin America and Spain through the works of their most talented authors. A relaxed and inviting atmosphere allows you to have fun while you increase your reading, writing, and speaking skills and explore the nuances and subtleties of the Spanish language and culture. An emphasis on vocabulary development and brief reviews of grammar and mechanics are included. Our purpose is to release the imagination, enrich vocabulary and to develop basic skills for creative writing in addition to the reading and comprehension of outstanding stories.
The work of writers such as Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Horacio Quiroga, Isabel Allende, Pablo Neruda, and Juan Rulfo are included. Different readings and genres are addressed with each course offering. This course is meant to be taken after completing Spanish for Communication VI and at least one Refining Fluency in Spanish course or having the equivalent proficiency level.

Note: recommended prerequisite: "Spanish for Communication VI" and at least one "Refining Fluency in Spanish" course, or the equivalent. Elective for the Professional Certificate in Spanish Language. Repeatable up to three times for credit.

Course Number: LTSP-40004
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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