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RF Signals are widely use in wireless communication, automation, and the rapidly emerging phenomenon of Internet of Things (Iot), making RF technology essential in any device. Engineers in this field or anyone interested in RF are required to have knowledge in RF system design concepts.

RF System Design for Wireless Communications course develops students’ understanding of RF system design principles, RF system impairments, RF system design limitations, and RF System design tools and techniques. Participants will learn how to design a RF system for the wireless transceivers.

This course will benefit Test and Design Engineers, Marketing Managers and Directors interested in increasing their comprehension of RF System Design for Wireless Communications.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to RF System and RF System Review
  • RF System Architectures, Receivers, Transmitters and System Blocks
  • System blocks and Block Specifications for a System
  • System Characteristics and System Impairments Noise and Noise Figure
    • Nonlinearity and Intermodulation Products
    • Intercept Points
    • Phase Noise and its Impacts
    • IQ Amplitude and Phase Imbalances
    • Other Impairments
  • System Calculations
  • Blocks Specifications Tradeoffs
  • Statistical Analysis of a System
  • Frequency Planning
  • Factors Affecting Systems
  • CAD Packages

Course Benefits:

  • Differentiate the RF systems and their requirements
  • Define main system blocks and their functions
  • Identify the RF System impairments
  • Ability to calculate and determine the main RF system characteristic  

Software:  Free online simulators are used in this course. Student may use the advanced Design System (ADS) simulator from Keysight if they already have access to it. Student will also need to have access to Microsoft Excel or similar worksheets.

Hardware: no specific hardware is required.

Course Typically Offered: Online, Winter and Summer quarter 

Prerequisites:  RF Principles and Applications (EE-40137) course or familiarity with the electronics circuit analysis.

Next steps:  Upon completion of this course, consider taking RFIC DesignRF Circuit Design, or courses in the RF Engineering Certificate

More information: Contact to learn more about RF Engineering and course offerings.

Course Number: EE-40098
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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