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Effective managers realize that organizational success is based on so much more than the contributions of its individuals alone. Success is based on the effective management of “teams” working together to achieve common goals. Knowing how to build, influence and lead teams can increase business performance to exceed goals and objectives. Explore the responsibilities, functions and skills required of managers today. Learn how to hire, train and lead teams efficiently and effectively. Boost teamwork and morale using proven communication, planning and goal-setting strategies. Identify leadership styles, and learn to adjust yours to motivate employees and increase their productivity. Tackle challenges, solve problems and mediate differences using practical management tools and techniques.

Note: Fee includes supplemental course materials.

This course will provide 27 education hours. To receive Professional Development Units (PDU’s), submit your UCSD transcript to the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

This course is not open to high school and junior students. Please check the FUTURES Program. which is specifically designed for this audience.  

For questions about this course, please contact

Course Number: BUSA-40673
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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