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-Introduction to Healthcare and the Revenue Cycle -Pre-Service Revenue Cycle Functions

Revenue Cycle 1 (3.0 Units)
This course will provide a brief introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System and how the components of the revenue cycle function across the revenue collection spectrum including hospital and ambulatory clinics. This course covers the basic healthcare finance, payers of healthcare, legal implications, key regulations, ethics, and key performance indicators. Students will learn the pre-service revenue cycle functions and will be able to identify key demographics required for accurate registration, calculate out- of-pocket cost for patients using medical coverage and clinical services scheduled/performed. Students will also be able to skillfully communicate coverage and payment obligations with patients, identify payer requirements for referral and authorizations for reimbursements and verify patient benefits and eligibility using electronic tools and payer websites.

Course Fee: $545

Course Number: MEDC-40028
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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