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Learn Planar Antenna Design for Wireless Communication

The new and ever increasing need for wireless systems such as those used in 5G communication, Unmanned Systems, and Internet of Things requires design of advanced antennas that can be integrated into small electronic boards. Planar antennas are the usual choice in these cases as they offer easy fabrication and integration with integrated circuits. This course provides understanding of the skills and design concepts for planar antennas in such applications. 

Several aspects of planar antennas such as antenna types suitable for integration in chips, material selection, packaging effects, and measurement considerations will be discussed. An introduction to arrays and how they are used for creating pencil beams will be given. The concept of multi-path propagation and multi-antenna systems and adaptive beamforming will be discussed. Practical assignments and projects will help to practice the concepts. Antenna simulation software such as ANSYS HFSS, CST Microwave Studio, Cadence AWR and FEKO will be introduced. Assignment and projects will be based on free student versions of these software packages.

Course Highlights:

  • Review of Basic Antenna and Wireless Communication Concepts
  • Planar Antenna Types Introduction and Design Methods
  • Electromagnetic Simulation of Antennas
  • Example of Planar Antenna Designs
  • Practical Considerations
  • Introduction to Antenna Beam-Forming
  • Multiple Antenna Systems and Arrays

Course Benefits:

  • Learn practical techniques for planar antenna and array design, simulation and beamforming.
  • Learn practical consideration such as material selection, fabrication and measurements

Course Typically Offered: Online during Spring quarter 

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering and Math.

Next steps:  Upon completion of this course, consider taking other courses in the RF Engineering Certificate

More information: Contact to learn more about RF Engineering and course offerings.

Course Number: EE-40183
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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