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Over 85 million people over the world speak Cantonese. In this third level of the Cantonese course, Yale-Romanization (Cantonese phonetic) will be further practiced throughout the entire course. In additional to the daily life topics, such as Self-introduction and Greeting, Date, Time, Number and Money, Bargaining during Shopping, discussing the Weather, enjoying Cantonese Food of Dimsum, Hobby and Sports will be reviewed, the course will teach further topics of Traffic, Traveling, Family and Dating. Cantonese Poem, Songs, Slang and Proverb will also be taught. The course focuses primarily on speaking skills and listening comprehension, and will be oriented towards proficiency in basic Cantonese characters, sentences pattern and grammar will be introduced.

Course Number: LACH-40024
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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