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Get the skills needed to succeed in engineering, design, and architecture.

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About the CAD/BIM Program


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Information Session

(Find out more about the program in a free, online Information Session)

CAD/BIM Specialized Certificate - Information SessionINFO-70121

Units: 0.00


This free, fifteen-minute on-demand information session is for those interested in learning more about our Specialized Certificate in CAD/BIM. In this online information session, we will review certif...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Required Courses

12 units

AutoCAD I: IntroductionARCH-40001

Units: 2.50


AutoCAD I: Introduction2.5 weeks | $525 | Online Gain valuable experience with AutoCAD commands and menu systems. Learn two-dimensional drawing commands, dimensioning, layering systems, and drafting...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

AutoCAD II: IntermediateARCH-40004

Units: 2.50


AutoCAD II: Intermediate2.5 Weeks | $525 | Online Develop an advanced understanding of AutoCAD applications. Create plan and elevation drawings, and learn important manipulation and management tools ...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

AutoCAD III: Working DrawingsARCH-40000

Units: 2.50


AutoCAD III: Working Drawings2.5 Weeks | $525 | Online Learn the process that professional offices go through to create and assemble the components of a set of working documents. The course will focu...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Revit I: IntroductionARCH-40009

Units: 1.50


Revit I: Introduction2.5 weeks | $525 | Online Designed for architects, interior designers, engineers, and others involved in the construction industry seeking an overview of Building Information Mod...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Revit II: IntermediateARCH-40010

Units: 1.50


Revit II: Intermediate2.5 weeks | $525 | Online Explore the more advanced methods of documenting a building project in Revit Architecture. The classes will be taught from the architect s perspective,...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Revit III: AdvancedARCH-40011

Units: 1.50


Revit III: Advanced2.5 weeks | $525 | Online Using as-built drawings, students will model an existing single story building on a site model and will then create the model for a significant two-stor...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Certificate Guidelines

This certificate can be completed in one quarter. Students have up to five years to complete the certificate if needed.

All six courses are offered online every quarter:
AutoCAD I, II, III, and Revit I, II, III.

Tuition is $255 per course.

Conditions for Admission

Students should have a basic knowledge of computers (PC or Mac). Please see the application for specific admission requirements for this program.

Although a college degree or professional experience in the field are not required, applicants with such experience may receive preference for admission when program capacity is limited.

Current UCSD students may be considered for admission depending on their academic and career focus and educational performance.UC San Diego Extension programs are designed to best serve college-prepared working professionals. Although programs are open to all adult learners, where program capacity is limited, applicants with this profile will receive preference for admission.

Additional Information

For further information about this program, please contact the Arts, Humanities & Languages Department at

Special Notes

Important Information about the Required Autodesk Software:

  -  Students enrolled in the CAD/BIM Certificate program will have free access to the student software. Proof of certificate enrollment is needed.
  -  Students enrolled in individual courses only will not gain free access; those students will need to sign up for a free trial or purchase the software.
  -  Instructions are provided on the first day of class on how to download the AutoCAD and Revit Autodesk software.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What software is used in my course?

The courses in this program require students to use Autodesk's AutoCAD and Autodesk's Revit programs. The software will be available to students at no charge. Further information is provided on the first day of class.
For online courses, detailed instructions for installing the software are provided on the start date of the course.

How much does this program cost?

All required courses cost $525 each. The estimated cost of the entire certificate program including the $95 certificate fee and course fees (excluding textbooks) is $3,245.
Students pay as they go when they register for each class, not in one lump sum.

Is the program accredited?

UC San Diego is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies — like all other UC San Diego schools, colleges, and departments — is accredited by WASC through the University. All courses and certificate programs offered by UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies have been developed and are administered in accordance with Extension policy and the regulations of the Academic Senate of the University of California.

How do I get my certificate once I have completed the requirements?

When you have paid your certificate fee and successfully completed all program requirements, you will need to request an audit by Student Services. To request an audit:
•                In your My Extension account, click on “My Courses.”
•                On the right side of the page under “My Certificates,” click on the name of the certificate.
•                On the right side of the page under “Tools,” click on “Request Certificate Audit.”
•                Complete and submit the form that appears.
Once you have formally submitted your audit request, your certificate will be mailed to the address we have on file for you within ten business days.

Is financial assistance available?

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies facilitates private education loans through UC Approved Lenders for students officially enrolled in a certificate. Information on these programs can be found at State-Funded Training is available through EDD (Employment Development Dept.); more information can be found on their website:

Can I register for the certificate program at any time?

Yes, you may enroll in the program at any time. However, it is recommended that you enroll as soon as possible. The program curriculum may be updated at any time; if certificate requirements change, you must adhere to the curriculum at the time of your enrollment into the certificate. Enrolling in the certificate also gives you access to quarterly, personalized enrollment reminders from the program manager.

Can I take a course without registering for the certificate?

Yes, students have the option to take any course in this program without registering for the certificate, provided any and all prerequisites for the course have been fulfilled.

When should I enroll in my class(es)?

We recommend enrolling as soon as possible. Many of our core certificate courses may fill up before the course start date. Each quarter we also offer an early enrollment discount of $25 on select courses if you enroll by the discount deadline.
Students are advised to be enrolled no later than the day before the start date of the course.

How do I enroll in a class?

To enroll in a class, click on the class link in the course matrix above and that will take you to the specific class page. On the class page you can find additional details about the course such as start date, time, classroom number, instructor and textbook info.  To enroll click on “Add to Cart” which will lead you to complete the registration/payment process. You can also register over the phone with Student Services at 858-534-3400.

What are the grading options?

When students enroll in a class they are given three grading options: Letter grade, Pass/No Pass, or Not for Credit. Students taking a class as part of a certificate need to complete their classes for credit (i.e. Pass/No Pass or Letter grade) and receive a C-/Pass or higher grade.
Grades below a C-, No Pass, and Not for Credit do not count towards certificate requirements.

When will I have access to my online information session or course?

You will have access to an online class on the official start date of the class. Access will be available at 12:01am Pacific Time.
Enrollment to online classes can take up to 24 hours to process and sync with our online classroom platform. For example, if a class started on Tuesday and that is the day a student enrolled, they will likely not have full access to the class until 24 hours later on Wednesday.

How many hours can I expect to spend studying outside of class time?

Each student has their own learning style so this can vary greatly. As a rule of thumb, expect to spend an average of two hours studying for every hour you spend in-class. For online courses, students should plan to spend approximately 8-10 hours per week viewing lectures and completing coursework.

How are online classes formatted?

Online courses are asynchronous. Students do not need to meet at a specific time online, but will need to log in each week to view the lessons, participate in course discussion, and complete and submit coursework/quizzes/tests.

How long is each course?

CAD classes are 2.5 units and run for three weeks with two four-hour meetings each week (24 classroom hours). Revit classes are 1.5 units and run for two weeks with two four-hour meetings each week (16 classroom hours). For exact course dates of upcoming sections, visit the webpage of the course you are interested in taking on our website.

Where are the in-person classes held?

All in-class courses take place in a computer lab at Whitley Consulting Group (3904 Groton St, 92110), a working architectural firm located in San Diego. Parking permits are not required.

Additional questions?

For questions regarding these courses and certificate, please contact us at or 858-534-5760.

Advisory Board

Natalie Johnson, BA

Program Manager, Arts & Languages Dept

UC San Diego Extension

P. Benson Shing, Ph.D, MS

Professor, Structural Engineering

UC San Diego

Al Whitley, MBA, AIA


Whitley Group Consulting

Jake Wilke, MA

Assistant Director, Arts & Languages Dept

UC San Diego Extension

Michael Scott Wilson, B.ARCH

Architect, Instructor

Whitley Group Consulting

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This certificate requires an application before taking any courses. There will be a $0 fee to apply to this program. Students will also be required to pay a $95 certificate fee upon enrollment into the program after acceptance. View the complete Certificate Registration and Candidacy Guidelines.