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Antennas have become the essential component in any equipment required to propagate and capture information sent through electromagnetic waves. Due to the wide variety of applications there are many types of antennas, all of which are based on the principles of electromagnetic radiators.

Participants in this course will learn the general properties of the radiation fields of given sources and design them as required in order to achieve a given radiation field pattern. Students will be able to identify the parameters and develop techniques to fulfill the requirements in order to achieve the optimal usage. The acquired knowledge will be applied by designing practical antennas.

Course Highlights:

  • Wave Equation and solutions
  • Antenna Fundamentals and types including wire, loop, arrays, Yagi-Uda, horn, parabolic, patch and broadband.
  • Design concepts to improve antenna performance in element and array configurations
  • Verification of antenna pattern characteristics using MATLAB.
  • Antenna Modelling using commercial Method of Elements (MOM) electromagnetic antenna software tools.
  • Understanding different types of Antenna Measurements and Antenna Ranges.
  • Application of antennas in communication links.

Course Benefits:

  • Acquire an understanding of antenna concepts and their industry applications
  • Apply concepts to the design and simulation of practical antennas varying characteristic elements to optimize their system performance.
  • Hands-on experience with tools used in the industry to verify antenna performance.

Software: Students are required to purchase a

Course typically offered: Online during Fall and Spring quarter.

Prerequisite: Students are expected to have basic knowledge of Electromagnetics Theory, complex numbers, differential and integral equations.

Next Step: After completing this course, consider taking other courses in our RF Engineering or Wireless Engineering certificate program to continue learning.

Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Course Number: EE-40129
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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