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Advanced HTML and CSS

This course provides more depth on the study of HTML and CSS required for mastering modern performant web page layout.  HTML topics will address proper use of semantic style markup and HTML features useful for search engine optimization, accessibility, responsive media elements, and programming with JavaScript.  CSS topics will address more intermediate features necessary for responsive design such as relative units, media-queries, Flexbox, CSS Grid, and much more.  Emphasis will be placed both on from scratch authoring techniques as well as the use of CSS frameworks.

Course Highlights:

  • Responsive web design and media queries
  • Element positioning and CSS selectors
  • CSS transformations, animations, and transitions
  • HTML accessibility and AIRIA attributes
  • JQuery and JavaScript functions and events

Course Benefits:

  • Distinguish and use advanced methods of analyzing and testing web page speed and debugging
  • Duplicate and design an advance layout using advanced layout features such as CSS Grid and Flex-Box
  • Identify and write complex and common CSS selectors to create a usable interface
  • Demonstrate writing responsive media queries for mobile and desktop devices
  • Distinguish and configure for HTML and CSS processor for quicker development
  • Illustrate how to write CSS animation and transforms for interactive user experience
  • Write JQuery and JavaScript to modify HTML elements to create a rich dynamic experience

Course typically offered: Online, Fall and Spring Quarters

Prerequisites: Introduction to HTML5 and CSS or a complete working knowledge of HTML and CSS

Next Steps: Upon completion, consider additional coursework in our specialized certificate in Front End Development such as Introduction to JavaScript

Contact: For more information about this course, please contact us at


Course Number: CSE-41319
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Front End Development

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