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President's Message Winter 2023

by Osher President Carol Roberts

It has been a delight to see familiar and new faces both on campus and on Zoom during the new semester, and I look forward to the returning snowbirds who we hope will come back to enjoy the special place that San Diego is. Winter promises to be temperate and beautiful, so hurry back and return to Osher where you will see your old friends and meet new ones.

Our Open House on January 7, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. gives us the opportunity to invite our friends, neighbors, and family to see just what goes on at Osher. You are our greatest resource for new members, so be sure to bring someone with you who will benefit from learning about us.

The University continues to have several rules about keeping Covid away, so please adhere to them. You must register your vaccine status, be free of symptoms when you attend class, and distance when possible. With improved ventilation and special filters we are providing a safe space to attend lectures.

The Winter quarter is filled with exciting lectures. I am looking forward to Cornelia Feye’s lecture series on Contemporary Art from 1545-2020, Jared Day’s Zoom series on the emergence of the 13 British Colonies, the return of Vice Admiral Charles Martiglio to discuss the geopolitics and US national security challenges in the years ahead, and the ever popular preview and handicapping of the Oscars by Andy Friedenberg, founder of the San Diego Cinema Society. Interesting topics with superior speakers!

Let’s bring in the New Year together and continue this extraordinary learning available to us together. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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