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Attend our Spring Open House

Osher is holding an Open House on April 2, 2022 at 10 am PT. Attend on campus or LIVE via Zoom. Find out about our membership options and course schedule. Meet our volunteer leadership team and get your questions answered. Light refreshments will be served and Zoom link and parking details provided after registration (required).

Posted: 2/28/2022 1:01:42 PM with 2 comments

Karen H
Always up to learning!
3/31/2022 6:27:36 PM

Janann Taylor
My husband, Peter , and I are interested in getting involved . We do mentor and transport 3 of 5 grandchildren of Elementary, Middle School and High School age. We would like to register and explore where this opportunity. We enjoy attending concerts, exhibits, history and culture/ travel etc. Thank you for your inspiration.
3/15/2022 1:57:37 PM

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