Extraordinary Learning Opportunities Aboard the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier


Ask anyone in the maritime industry about the most important considerations of their job, and they’re all likely to say the same thing: safety.

While workplace safety is essential in every profession, it’s especially important in the maritime industry. Maritime workspaces are tight, the vessels are full of heavy machinery, and when things do go wrong, the nearest hospital could be thousands of miles away.

As part of an effort to make the maritime industry a safer place to work for San Diego, the UC San Diego OTI Education Center just wrapped up an innovative new program that offered two crucial OSHA safety courses aboard the legendary USS Midway aircraft carrier in the San Diego harbor. These courses offered participants a unique learning opportunity and are opening up a path for deeper collaboration in the future.

The Value of Hosting the Training on the USS Midway

Being able to provide maritime safety training on an actual maritime vessel provided an unparalleled learning experience to the participants. Even though the USS Midway now operates as a museum, the narrow hallways and tight spaces gave participants the realistic experience of learning safety standards aboard a real ship.

The two courses being offered were OSHA 5410 – OS&H Standards for the Maritime Industry and OSHA 2045 – Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards. These are both crucial and fundamental courses for maritime safety.

The program was done in collaboration with Len Santiago, Chief Engineer of the USS Midway. Not only was he a valuable supporter in making the collaboration happen, but he was also able to provide meaningful guidance and exclusive tours of the ship, enhancing the educational experience for everyone involved.

Creating Safer Maritime Standards

In addition to the course work, another important aspect of the collaboration was the Fall Stand Down event on May 3, 2023. This was done as part of OSHA's National Campaign to raise awareness about fall prevention. The program was put together with UC San Diego instructors and staff, along with Derek Engard, OSHA Area Director for Region 9, and his team.

Eric Youngs, one of the first students to complete the UC San Diego Occupational Health & Safety Certificate Program, played an important role by sharing his fall prevention knowledge with over 100 individuals on the USS Midway.

This event was another demonstration of how the partnership between the UC San Diego OTI Education Center and the USS Midway can actively contribute to national safety campaigns and serve as a platform for spreading crucial safety awareness.

The Future of Safety Collaboration

Further collaborations are in the works for the UC San Diego OTI Education Center and the USS Midway. The teams are working to develop one-day awareness courses that can be credited toward UC San Diego certificate programs and the OTIEC network’s Fundamentals of Safety and Health certificate program. These courses are designed to cater to individuals at different levels of skill and experience, ensuring that a diverse range of learners can benefit from the collaboration.

The collaboration is also enabling new additions to the 2023 OSHA Course Catalog for UC San Diego OTI Education Center. Among them is the introduction of the Fire Safety Program, which promises to be a vital resource for individuals seeking comprehensive knowledge in fire safety measures. The catalog also outlines the Region 9 OSHA Alliance, offering a platform for industry professionals to engage in discussions and drive progress in workplace safety.

To learn more about the upcoming courses and educational offerings—or to join us on this journey towards a safer, more knowledgeable, and empowered workforce—you can request a copy of the 2023 OSHA Course Catalog by emailing oshatraining@ucsd.edu or by visiting http://osha.ucsd.edu.

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