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­­­Literary criticism is not a form of negatively critiquing a writing piece, but rather conscientiously and carefully analyzing written works through various lenses. Reading and critiquing are possibly the only ways for writers to know how their writing sounds to readers and critics alike. This class will create a safe, collaborative space where students will learn to give and receive thoughtful, objective, and constructive feedback so they may effectively convey their desired messages and reach their intended audiences.
In this course, we will discuss how the history and current field of literary criticism shapes the publishing industry today. We will examine how readers, writers, and critics of all skin colors, genders, and nationalities bring a mosaic of viewpoints, experiences, genres, ages, and themes to their roles. We will explore the ways that individuals’ identities affect the interpretation of a text, and how being aware of this can help you to artfully sculpt your own writing.
Through lectures, writing exercises, readings from diverse writers across genres, and small group critiques, you will cultivate the necessary skills for a mindful approach towards writing and reading critically in your everyday practice.

Course Number: WCWP-40252
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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