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It walks as if possessed by a mind of its own – no motor, no gas, no battery, just a series of lurching dance steps along the boundaries of imagination and reality. What is it? The contraption we will design in this class is called a Walking Beast. We will study, design, and build our own Walking Beasts, and then let them loose to explore our world (with the help of a leaf blower as needed). Concepts incorporated in this class include engineering, wind power design, gravity, frictional rotation, and structural integrity. Together we will explore how artistic creativity can drive scientific design and vice versa. No experience is required.

Note: This class is designed for high school students. The Sally Ride Science Junior Academy courses are designed to inspire young adults to pursue careers in STE[+a]M.
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Course Number: WKSP-90031
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)