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An Introduction to California Court Interpreting

Learn about the profession of court interpreting and what's required to become a court interpreter in California.

  • Find out which languages fall under which status, along with an overview of the process, how the statewide system is set up and how courts find interpreters.
  • Explore differences between medical and court interpreting and go over ways to prepare for the court interpreting examination process.
  • Take part in a discussion on the recent adoption of the State’s Language Access Plan and how the expansion into civil case types changes the demand for interpreters.

All 58 courts around the state regularly are in need of court interpreting services. California Court Interpreters work full time or part time as both staff interpreters with benefits and as contractors, after receiving their certified or registered status in Spanish or any of the hundreds of languages spoken throughout California.

Anne Marx, a Senior Analyst with the California Judicial Council's Court Interpreters Program, is presenting.  She is a member of the California Bar and has experience in complex project management, contracts negotiation, juvenile delinquency hearings, labor law, marketing and public relations.  She is also a Fulbright Scholar, speaks Spanish, Hebrew, and some Portuguese and Italian, and has spent time living and studying abroad in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Israel. 

Course Number: INFO-70161
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)