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This course explores the many therapeutic elements of play, across the developmental stages from early toddlerhood through latency. Definitions of pathology--that is, what it is that play must address--will be discussed as a basis to understand the healing attributes of play. This is done both developmentally and through the prism of Piagetian and Psychoanalytic/Object Relations theories. Lecture material, case presentations, role playing, and a videotape of a play session are used to provide both a theoretical and pragmatic context by which to root and expand skills in working with children. The course is designed for mental health professionals who have a solid background in theories of development, psychopathology and psychotherapy, and are working directly with children.

Other Credits: BBS, APT: 7 CE Hrs.

Note: Applies toward the Certificate in Play Therapy. While the Department of Psychiatry is aware of the research on the efficacy of play therapy*, it cannot specifically endorse each play therapy intervention included in each class in the play therapy certificate program. *

Course Number: PSY-40219
Credit: 0.50 unit(s)