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A wide-range of structured play therapy techniques and their theoretical underpinnings are presented, including pre-set and prearranged play, therapist-staged dramas, facilitation of adaptive resolutions in child-generated play, contingency play, redirection, distancing, limit-setting, time-limited play therapy, and cognitive-behavioral play therapy techniques. They include the use of the Socratic method, modeling, correction of cognitive distorts, perspective-taking, and behavioral rehearsal.

Other Credits: BBS, APT: 7 CE Hrs. APT Approved Provider 98-046.

Note: Applies toward the Certificate in Play Therapy. While the Department of Psychiatry is aware of the research on the efficacy of play therapy*, it cannot specifically endorse each play therapy intervention included in each class in the play therapy certificate program. *

Course Number: PSY-40238
Credit: 0.50 unit(s)

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