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Students’ select eight conversational topics which become class discussions. Instructor provides vocabulary, idioms and special expressions, and students build dialogues in small groups. Cultural, historical and literary topics highlighted along with current news. Class is designed to be challenging, stimulating and unstructured as students master conversational strategies, build language competency, refine speaking abilities, improve listening comprehension, and build vocabulary (including idioms and slang). This course is meant to be taken after completing Spanish for Communication VI and at least one Refining Fluency in Spanish course or having the equivalent proficiency level.

Note: recommended prerequisite: "Spanish for Communication VI" and at least one "Refining Fluency in Spanish" course, or the equivalent. The Conversations in Spanish courses may be taken in any order, and can be repeated twice for credit. Elective for the Professional Certificate in Spanish Language.

Course Number: LASP-40012
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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