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A field-based, practical experience for the counseling student, who has completed required coursework. Participants work with a chemical dependency or similar agency under the direct supervision of the practicum coordinator or approved supervisor. Students are responsible for obtaining a practicum site with the guidance of the practicum supervisor. Students gain experience and supervision in the core areas required by CCAPP.

Note: Requirement for Certificate for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling. To receive credit toward CCAPP certification, you must enroll for a letter grade.

IMPORTANT: Students must select a Practicum site prior to enrolling into the section. For questions or to enroll, please contact the Program Manager, Debbie Ortuño, at
Once enrolled in the Practicum, students must complete the Practicum within three (3) quarters.

Course Number: PSY-40321
Credit: 5.00 unit(s)
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