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A field-based, practical experience for the counseling student, who has completed required coursework. Participants work with a chemical dependency or similar agency under the direct supervision of the practicum coordinator or approved supervisor. Students are responsible for obtaining a practicum site with the guidance of the practicum supervisor. Students gain experience and supervision in the core areas required by CCAPP.

Note: Requirement for Certificate for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling. To receive credit toward CCAPP certification, you must enroll for a letter grade.

You may begin the Practicum in any quarter after completing all of the 12 didactic courses or at least the following:
1. Addiction and Recovery: Etiology and Physiology 
2. Addiction Science: Psychology and Pharmacology 
3. Applied Skills for Group Dynamics and Facilitation
4. Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery
5. Law and Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Students must select a Practicum site prior to enrolling into the section. The chosen site will need to have a supervisor who has CAADAC ll or another license with 5 years experience in the substance abuse field. 

For questions and/or to enroll, please contact the Program Manager, Debbie Ortuño, at
Once enrolled in the Practicum, students must complete the Practicum within three (3) quarters.

Course Number: PSY-40321
Credit: 5.00 unit(s)
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