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Working with adolescents in therapy presents unique challenges and rewards. Creative and playful approaches provide an avenue for engaging with teens in a meaningful way. This workshop will explore the use of play and art therapy interventions to address common issues impacting the adolescent client, including identity development and relationships with peers and family. Focus areas include strategies for tapping into the strengths of an individual teen’s mode of self-expression, such as electronic media and popular music and imagery. Participants will experience play and art therapy techniques first-hand; and how to adapt them for work with teens in individual, family and group sessions. Case materials presented will emphasize adolescent self-expression in the treatment of mood disorders, eating disorders, trauma and substance abuse.

Other Credits: .5 units in Psychiatry BBS (MFT & LCSW), APT: 7 CE Hrs.

Note: UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies is an APT Approved Provider of play therapy continuing education. APT Approved Provider: 98-046

Course Number: PSY-40397
Credit: 0.50 unit(s)

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