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Photo I: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
9 Weeks | $425 | Online

Capturing a memorable photograph takes more than just pressing a button! Being a form of visual art, photography is often defined by the vision of the photographer – what they see, how they see it and decide to show it to the rest of the world. As a photographer, your vision comes mainly from within, but a classroom teaching environment and a good mentor can help you get to the next level. This course was designed with that in mind, so you can develop competence and confidence as a photographer while mastering aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

In Photo I, you will learn basic design and composition rules to capture more compelling images, as well as study fundamental photographic principles. Learn to make critical decisions in the selection of digital photographic equipment, as well as how to define and explain common digital photography terms and concepts. Lastly, gain essential understanding on how to effectively use digital camera settings for optimal results. Assignments will also be an integral aspect of learning in this introductory photography class.

The theories you learn in the classroom environment are, of course, best practiced — that is what assignments are given for. No amount of lecturing on theory is going to matter much until you put the theory to practice—so you will enjoy plenty of time putting what we learn into practice!

What You Will Learn:

  • Essentials of the craft through weekly shooting assignments and demonstrations, discussions, and class critiques to help make the most of digital imaging technology.
  • An introduction to Adobe Lightroom that focuses on digital workflow.
  • Fundamentals of image management, types of files, image exports, how to make basic adjustments, and file resolution.
  • How to make critical decisions in the selection of digital photographic equipment.
  • Common digital photography terms and concepts.
  • Use of digital camera settings for optimum results.
  • How to use light, composition, and expose to improve photographs.

Quarters Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer | Online
Course Fee: $425
Prerequisite: none   
Materials/Software/Hardware: Fully adjustable DSLR camera or prosumer camera. Creative Cloud Photography Plan required (or full Adobe Creative Cloud plan). Lightroom Classic needed (not Lightroom Creative Cloud). Tripod recommended.
Note: Required course for the Photography: Images and Techniques professional certificate. 
Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Course Number: ART-40629
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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