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The Organic Chemistry Laboratory is a hands-on course designed to complement the theoretical
concepts covered in the CHEM40010: Organic Chemistry I lectures. The lab focuses on the separation, purification, and synthesis of organic compounds using distillation, recrystallization, melting point analysis, chromatography, and other techniques. Emphasizing safety and precision, students will perform a series of carefully designed experiments, analyze data, interpret results, and engage in scientific reasoning. It is recommended that students have completed a college-level OrganicChemistry I lecture course or are taking it concurrently. This course is designed to provide an introductory-level college organic chemistry lab for health science majors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret chemical structures, draw bond-line molecule representations, draw resonance structures and assess their relative contribution, predict the position of acidbase equilibrium.
  • Learn the concept of atom hybridization and bond geometry. Identify major functional groups and be able to name simple chemical compounds or draw their structures based on the name.
  • Become familiar with typical organic chemistry lab equipment and their use.
  • Develop skills to recrystallize, separate, and purify molecular species.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct a reaction and understand the reaction mechanism.
  • Demonstrate understanding and the utilization of reading FTIR and NMR spectra.
  • Provide technical reports in pdf format detailing the experiments and their findings.



It is recommended that students have completed a college-level OrganicChemistry I lecture course or are taking it concurrently.


This course is offered in an online asynchronous format. There are no set meeting times, however, students follow a weekly schedule and there will be deadlines to meet in terms of course requirements. This course cannot be completed at an accelerated rate.



Ordering and Purchasing Information:

This course requires a hands on  laboratory involving multi-day experiments that the student performs at home.  Except for a few household items, all the materials are included in the lab kit.  The cost of the materials are not included in the registration, students must purchase the kit separately from Hand On Labs (HOL) Sciences.

How To purchase Your Kit:

Each section has a unique enrollment url, please use the link provided in the "section note" below to enroll in HOL's online portal and purchase your kit.  Please note, HOL often has longer than normal  processing times, we recommend you order your kits at least three weeks before the course begins to ensure that you have the kit by the start date.


 Contact Information

Fiona O'Donnell-Lawson


Course Number: CHEM-40012
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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