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Natural Healing and Cooking
Learn the latest philosophy of Self-Healing with Food. Students are introduced to ancient wisdom and modern science of food as medicine, food and natural remedies for common health issues, and working with special populations. Students will also learn cooking techniques and how to create delicious versions of core healing recipes.  

A digital workbook will accompany this course. Details for ordering a hard copy from FedEx (approximately $12.00 in the continental U.S.) will be posted at the beginning of the class. Please be sure to check announcements when the course opens to enrolled students. 


Other Credits: BRN/RD: 25 CE hrs. BRN does not award partial credits

Note: You do not have to be enrolled in the certificate to take this course space allowing. Be advised priority enrollment to in person courses is given to Integrative Nutrition Certificate Candidates. If you have questions please reach out to 


Course Number: FPM-40623
Credit: 2.50 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Integrative Nutrition

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