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Learn how to measure the impact of sustainability programs and create a plan for making changes for your business or organization. Students will learn how to set environmental baselines for energy, water, and waste to build a picture of an organization’s impact and set organizational goals.  Measuring sustainability impacts is important when gaining organization-wide buy-in and understanding the stakeholders involved is an essential process in sustainability planning.  During the course, students will learn about large organizations that have developed metrics, advanced methods to measure sustainability, strategically implemented sustainability plans, and the reporting processes involved.  Get comfortable working with sustainability data and explore prevailing platforms and tools (standards, guidelines, analytic tools) and metrics for measuring sustainability performance. Assignments will give students the opportunity to use analytical skills critical to the sustainability profession.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain and understanding of the role of internal and external stakeholder engagement in sustainability, and its correlation to sustainability data collection and reporting.
  • Learn the tools that facilitate tracking sustainability performance
  • Understand how metrics are tracked
  • Learn how to leverage technology to facilitate tracking

Course Number: ENVR-40015
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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