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Become proficient with the latest full-stack software development tools and technologies

This course will give students a macro-level conceptual overview of full-stack software development. It will cover the latest front-end and back-end tools and technologies as well as their integration with various servers, operating systems, and security measurements.
Participants will learn tools and languages including front-end frameworks, project management tools, Relational databases, NoSQL Databases, code hosting platforms, and web security. In addition, they will understand advantages and disadvantages of using one technology vs. another. They will learn the various forms of stacks and their strengths, stack security and testing, design, and development principles.
Students will be exposed to conventions and best practices, DNS, APIs, SSH, HTTP(S), Command Line basics, data structures and algorithms. They will also gain knowledge in next-generation software development requirements.

Course Highlights:
  • Multi-tier software development (web, distributed, cloud)
  • Full-stack software development concepts
  • Programming language algorithms
  • Front-end and back-end frameworks, technologies, and tools
  • Relational and NoSQL Databases
  • Code repositories and distributed version control systems
  • Full-stack versions used in the industry
  • Software and code security
  • Full-stack projects in the real-world
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, students will:
  • Learn the principles and components of the full-stack software development
  • Understand the principles of developing scalable and responsive applications
  • Gain knowledge about strengths and weaknesses of various languages, frameworks, security measurements and platforms
  • Implement security measurements on different layers
  • Obtain knowledge of various system infrastructures, architectures, and communication protocols to be used for successful full-stack software development
Software: None.

Hardware: None. 

Optional Reading: None

Course Typically Offered: Online in Spring and Fall 

Prerequisite: None. This course covers the principles and concepts of the full-stack software development and therefore no knowledge of coding is needed.

Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Course Number: CSE-41391
Credit: 3.50 unit(s)
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