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This course is a continuation of Chemistry I. It is designed for college-level, introductory or preparatory chemistry course. The course emphasizes certain chemical concepts such as quantum mechanics, chemical bonding, gases, solutions, equilibrium, acids and bases, chemical equilibrium, oxidation and reduction, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. This course is designed for biology, premedical, prenursing, preclinical and prehealth students.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to think logically and analytically—to use critical thinking skills.
  • Gain an understanding of the basic laws of nature and how scientists discover those laws.
  • Know how to interpret and analyze tabulated and graphical data.
  • Understand how to apply concepts to various chemical systems


This course is offered in an online asynchronous format. There are no set meeting times, however, students follow a weekly schedule and there will be deadlines to meet in terms of course requirements. This course cannot be completed at an accelerated rate.


Students interested in this course with a lab component, please enroll in: CHEM40009 - General Chemistry II with Lab


Contact Information:
Fiona O'Donnell-Lawson

Course Number: CHEM-40008
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)

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