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Bluetooth is a leading cable replacement technology for short-range data exchange and has become indispensable for smartphone chipsets, hands-free calls, in-vehicle infotainment, fitness bands, hearing aids, and wireless ear buds.


This course discusses the foundational principles of Bluetooth, including the latest technologies and applications. This course describes the Bluetooth features in Core Specification 5.3 (July 2021), including key profiles and protocols, security, advanced features, LE audio, and implementation of Android apps. It will also cover practical tips using Android Bluetooth, Android Audio, Android Automotive, and Hardware Adaptation Layer (HAL) for Bluetooth application developers, along with audio flow control techniques and policies.

What You Will Learn


Students in Futures: Bluetooth Technologies and Applications will:

  • Review the Bluetooth standard, packet format, and protocol stack
  • Describe the Bluetooth connection modes, profiles, pairing, and authentication
  • Understand Bluetooth location and positioning services, audio sharing, and multi-stream audio streaming
  • Learn Bluetooth LE audio and real-time isochronous stream support, including subrated connections
  • Describe audio interaction and flow control in telephony and audio applications
  • Review Bluetooth development, testing, and sniffer platforms (Android Audio, Android Automotive, HAL)
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Course Number: EE-90008
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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