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Students will be introduced to the physics and math

required to create a mathematical model of the electric power system. These models are used to study the behavior of the power system under numerous conditions. Power systems are used world-wide to move power from where power is created to the location where power is used. Students interested in understanding this phenomena will benefit from understanding the models which are used to study power system behavior.

Course Highlights:

  • Single phase and three phase A.C. system analysis
  • High voltage transmission line modeling
  • Generator and transformer modeling for system studies
  • Creation of a complex system model that includes generators, transformers, transmission lines and loads
  • Creation of a matrix model to represent the system

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduce students to the fundamental concepts of power systems engineering
  • Understand the concepts of how electric power is created and transmitted to urban centers and distributed to consumers
  • Create a mathematical model of a power system
  • Explain power system behavior using mathematical models

Hardware (required): Working speakers and microphone.

Software: MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite available through Mathworks.

Textbook: The required textbook is out of print. Please click on this link and order the eBook directly from PSA Publishing LLC.

Course Typically Offered: Online in Fall and Spring quarters.

Prerequisites: A BS in Electrical Engineering, with a background in math and physics preferred. Or, equivalent knowledge and experience.

Next Step: Upon completion of this course, consider taking EE-40173 Power System Analysis and Control to continue learning.

Contact: For more information about this course, please email


Title: Power Systems Analysis
Author: Hadi Saadat
ISBN#: 9780984543861
Publisher: PSA Publishing
Edition: 3rd

While this textbook is out of print, students can use the link above to purchase the eBook directly from the publisher.

Course Number: EE-40174
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Power Systems Engineering

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